October 11, 2017

As a recent transplant to the Eugene area, I found myself not only in a new environment but facing challenges with my fitness. I'm 50 yrs and going through menopause, which is code for weight gain. After a few weeks of going to our gym and seeing little changes, I decided to look for a personal trainer. I was looking for a female, preferably one who was older and could relate to my challenges. I didn't have much luck and the ones I did find were too expensive if I wanted to go more than once a week. I found My Trainer Jeff and sent a message. He was quick to respond and VERY affordable. I have been going to him twice a week for 3 months now. My workouts are designed for me and he keeps me challenged. I like that each workout is different and focuses on new muscle groups. I like the one to one focus, Jeff is professional and I feel comfortable discussing areas I would like to focus on and overall fitness goals. I would highly recommend My Trainer Jeff to anyone, female or male any age. I have never been a fan of the big gym setting. Jeff is flexible to accommodate my busy schedule and if I have something that comes up, he is quick to offer a different time to help me out. Jeff is also willing to come to you if needed. My biggest take away is realizing many of the strength training exercises I can do in my own home on the days I don't come to MTJ. Give him a call, you'll be happy with your results.

Kelle K.

July 13, 2018
I highly recommend working out with Jeff. I've worked out with trainers in Seattle and San Francisco, so I have comparisons. I think he's a good match for young and fit folks who want a challenge to older folks who just want to stay healthy. He's professional, smart, thoughtful, and inspiring. I broke my leg and ankle last year and had finished physical therapy. I wanted to improve my strength and flexibility, which has happened quicker than I'd expected. I hate cardio, but I've seen improvements in that area, too. Jeff is creative with his workouts, which I appreciate. I never get bored and time seems to fly by.
Shanna G.



January 7, 2012

 To:       Jeff Hardisty, My Trainer Jeff
Fr:        Kevin Taylor, Bicoastal Media
Re:       Personal Training

 I’m taking a moment to thank you for helping me make a dream come true.

 As a relatively inactive radio Operations Manager and on-air personality, I allowed the last 20 years of my broadcasting career to get the best of me. I was overweight, listless, and lazy. When you gently asked me if I was interested in running a marathon, I thought, “Are you crazy? That would kill me!” Your response was, “If you train with me, it won’t.”

 I decided to trust you and your nine-month plan. Your detailed scheduled started me slowly, having me walk and stretch to strengthen my legs and core. Soon, I was jogging and doing more pushups than I did in high school. I lost 40 pounds at 45 years old, which returned me to my weight at 25 years old.

 Most unbelievable, we added the challenging Warrior Dash 5K to my training schedule one month before the Portland Marathon. Even more surprising is that you participated in both events with me!

Ultimately, I finished the Warrior Dash in the upper percentile for my age group and I finished the Portland Marathon in 5 hours and 35 minutes. Not only did I complete both events, but I performed rather well, considering I had never competed athletically in my life.

You have helped me make a lifelong change, understanding that being fit for life means enjoying a greater ability to deal with all that life throws at you.
I am stronger and happier because of your training.

Thank you!

Kevin T.